Construction clothing Montreal

Find the best construction clothing, pants, coats, cover-all, work shirts, waterproof clothing, fireproof clothing, and more in our Montreal store. Big Bill, Carhartt, Dickies, and more brands. Come see us in store for more details!

High quality construction clothing: comfort and safety at all times

As a construction worker, it is mandatory for you to wear work clothes adapted to your environment. Your clothing allows you to protect yourself from the risks you may face in your workplace. These risks are often related to the environment and the nature of the tasks to be performed. Whatever the dangers to be faced (wet ground, rain, cold, welding work, heat, etc.), your construction clothing is specially designed to ensure your comfort and safety. We offer you a wide range of premium quality specialized construction clothing that will last you a long time and meet your construction clothing needs, whatever the circumstances.

With more than 20 years of experience in the construction clothing industry, our team will offer you quality clothing, but also a personalized service, in order to choose with you the best construction clothing, which will suit your work environment. Whether you are looking for work pants, construction boots, work shirts, fireproof shirts, work coveralls, warm and durable coats, be assured that we will take the time to advise you and choose with you the appropriate clothing for the job.

In addition, we have chosen for you internationally recognized brands to guarantee the durability, robustness and comfort of your work clothing.

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