Workwear and work clothing Montreal

Find the best work clothes, pants, signal jackets, coats, shirts, fireproof shirts, industrial lab coats, and more in our Montreal store. Big Bill, Royer, Dickies and more brands. Come and see us in store for more details!

High-quality work clothing for greater comfort and safety at all times!

Whether you are a construction worker, road worker, engineer, lineman, or forestry worker, you want to wear clothing that is adapted to your workplace, but also comfortable and protected (rain, wind, fire, hazardous products, cold, etc.). We offer you a vast inventory of superior quality work clothing, which will adequately meet all your needs, whatever your work environment.

With more than 20 years of experience in the work clothing industry, our team's objective is to offer you quality clothing, but also personalized service, depending on your sector of activity (construction, factory work, signage, roads, line assembly, laboratory work, forestry, etc.).) Whether you are looking for work pants, a visibility jacket, construction boots, a fireproof shirt, an industrial work coat, be assured that we will take the time to advise you and choose with you the appropriate clothing for the job to be done.

In addition, we have chosen world-renowned workwear brands for you to ensure the durability, strength and comfort of your workwear.

Any questions?

If you would like to know more about our workwear and work clothing inventory, our prices, or our other services, we invite you to contact us by phone, email or come meet us directly in store in Montreal. Our team will be happy to answer your questions! Buy your work clothes in store or buy online on our website!